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There was a time when men’s underwear collection barely had more than one or two styles. Briefs were the traditional underpants that were popular around the world. Over a long period of time, there wasn’t any new addition made to it. Men generally used to pay more attention to the clothes department and not to the underwear department. But that is not the case anymore. Today, if you step into the undergarment store you will find a wide array of underwear styles to select from.

The latest different styles of underwear available in the market today are: briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, men’s bikini, thongs and g-strings. Men now have a wide collection to choose from. As years passed, men became more fashion conscious about their underpants and now like to experiment with different styles of underwear. Besides this, underwear provides comfort, additional support and hygiene.

Before few years, popular brands used to make only one style of underwear and they used to rule the market. But as men have become more attentive about their overall life style, many designers have emerged with the most fancy and impressive designs of all time.

Moreover, on the basis of fabric also, a plethora of options are available today. Men’s underwear is basically made from polyester, cotton and other silk combinations. Go to and buy Men’s Trunk Underwear at reasonable prices.

The most traditional form of underwear is the briefs. They consist of an elastic band with about five inches of fabric and is Y in shape. They are best suited for daily wear as well as moderate sportswear. Briefs are available in various designs and rises. They come in high, low and medium rise. They are ideal to wear for snug fit. Low-cut briefs are ideal for guys with average built. They are comfortable and do not require much adjusting. Boxer briefs are a combination of both -briefs and boxers. They are suitable to wear with gym shorts or pants or jeans. Boxers are preferred more in comparison to other underpants. They are available in variety of patterns and colors. They are ideal for casual wear as well as sportswear. Modern Trunk is a kind of boxer but a bit shorter and tighter in fit as compared to normal boxers. Men’s bikini is often related to traditional swim trunks. They are popular in comparison to g-strings and jockstraps. Men’s bikini is suitable for everyday wear or under tight pants or gym shorts. Thongs are the latest addition to the men’s underwear collection. It offers minimal coverage and is often used by campers and hikers. Be it the bikini or thongs they are a perfect combination of ease and sensuality.

Yet, it all boils down to one thing – Comfort. You should select the underwear which makes you feel comfortable not the other way around. I hope this article will help you out to choose the right wear for you. Click here to know more about the related topics.