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No one will deny the fact that how much they love scuba diving. But there are some very awesome facts about scuba diving which will make you say “Huh, that’s interesting”.

So here are some enjoyable bits of knowledge about scuba diving:


Mask is one of the most vital piece for a scuba diver and one has always believed that a mask provides and air pocket in front of the eyes.

But no one knows that the mask is actually used to correct errors which is caused due to the direct contact with the eye balls. This air basically helps in correcting a light reflection error.

Fact #2

The highest diving sight on the earth is the Lago Licancabur in Chile. It is located at an brain bursting height of 5,916 meters above sea level. This makes Lago Licancabur one of the worlds largest elevation lake.

Fact #3

A lot of people believe that wetsuits work by trapping a thin layer of water between the suit and the body which tends to keep the body warm. But a lot of people don’t know that its actually the neoprene which lets the work for wetsuits. A neoprene consist of small bubbles of Nitrogen gas which reduces the transfer of heat from the body to the outside cold water.